About Rachael Alexander

My story


Age 17-21 Left school to earn money for nice clothes and high heels. The main aim in life was to meet a nice man and live happily ever after.

Age 21-26 Got a sensible job in a bank, bought plenty of clothes, high heels and lived with said nice man. Felt smug as thought had ‘life’ sorted. Routines became habits, habits become comfort zones which led to feeling stuck in a rut.

Age 27 -28 Realised nice man wasn’t for me, left the nice man and sensible job. Swapped high heels for flip-flops and took a job as a holiday rep for Virgin Holidays. Had fun in the sun, along with bucket loads of hassle. In a bid to cope read Diana Cooper’s ‘The Power of Inner Peace’ and it ‘woke me up’ with a start – started to ask myself a lot of big questions about life.

Age 29-34 Answered my big questions by moving back to UK, completing years of study including a Counselling Psychology degree and qualifications in Reiki, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Met ‘Mr Right’, married him in lavish ceremony and had a child. Worked for Relate Counselling, realised I could help more people facilitating workshops so left to set up and run own successful business.

Age 35-36 Discovered ‘my happily ever after’ only applied to fairy stories I had read when younger as my husband turned out to be ‘Mr False Promises’. Had light bulb moment whilst reading Dr Susan Jeffers best selling book,‘Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway®’. Realised I would have to work very hard to fund acrimonious divorce battle, so applied to be a licensed ‘Feel The Fear’ trainer and became their highest revenue-generating trainer worldwide. 

Age 37-40 Worked alongside Dr Susan Jeffers as Director of UK Training for ‘Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway®’. Inspired me so much I left to write my own books, which encourage people to heal their past conditioning and sort the stuff which is stressing them out.

Age 43. I was handed the legacy of Dr Jeffers’ Feel the Fear Training Business and appointed as the new Academy Director of the self-help empire.  Recruits, trains and coaches Feel the Fear instructors globally.


Age 44 – My own book “How to be a Courage Queen” receives recognition from Dr Bruce Trathen, (Harley Street Consultant Psychiatrist) as a practical self-help book for anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, and any of the various emotional challenges posed by modern living. Continues to inspire others speaking, writing and sharing wisdom.

About My Work

Rachael is proud to have helped thousands to live their life with passion, integrity, peace and love. Her time in the corporate world working with high street brands including Cheltenham & Gloucester, Lloyds TSB, Virgin and AT&T gave Rachael the insight into the power of management models and how courage is key to help implement positive change through confident leadership.

In the five years she delivered Dr Jeffers teachings, Rachael worked in industry, retail, education and other charities. In addition she ran highly successful courses for the National Health Service for patients suffering anxiety and depression using Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway® as a successful intervention.

Delivering jam-packed seminars with real-life humans and a published author, Rachael has a successful business helping people worldwide live life courageously.

Pairing her qualifications in Counselling Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and facing her own challenges in life, Rachael shares her experience and wisdom to help you make courageous life choices which are appropriate for you and your life.

Currently completing a Masters Degree in Spirituality, Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology, Rachael believes courage can transform your life from one of pain, desperation and hopelessness to one of confidence, freedom and liberation.

Rachael Alexander
BSc.Psych (Couns) Dip. NLP Adv.Dip CBT

Feedback & Reviews

“I just wanted to say thanks for today. I feel like I have made a couple of really important decisions and I feel very peaceful and content right now. “

” Since working with you I have not let a day pass without making an improvement and have been taking action ever since. I have been moving one step forward. I am certainly out of depression and the state of limbo and have gained the knowledge and the power and more important the self-acceptance and faith in myself which I couldn’t be more grateful for”

 “I do believe you have changed my life. You have pointed things out to me which I can now see and I can see how my fear has been holding me back

What can I do for you?

I can motivate for you…

Need a keynote speaker who keeps it simple yet delivers powerful messages to help your audience take accountability for their success? Sharing her own life story with psychological strategies which work, let Rachael motivate, inspire and lead your teams to greatness. 

I can write for you…

Need a psychologist who can translate scientific theory into simple engaging words of wisdom? In her unique style Rachael will empower and engage your readers to deal with any life challenge. 


I can Empower you…

Want to be part of a global community empowering others to face their fears? Responsible for recruiting, training and coaching Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway® instructors around the world, why not apply today to join our team and be a ‘force for good? 

Let me help you find your courage and achieve your goals