Why I kicked the habit

After suffering one too many hangovers I have made the commitment to myself to stop drinking.

This was based on many reasons, which I am more than happy to share, however after one particular wasted sunday on the sofa (the morning after the night before), I made a decision there and then that I was never ever going to  put my poor body through this again. Why would I ‘self-harm’ myself in this way?

I had read the amazing Jason Vale book – ‘Kick the drink easily’ a year previous and it helped me stop drinking for about three months but then the desire became too strong and I started again. The vodka and coke on a Friday night after a busy week became my little ‘treat’.

However this time I read it again and something clicked. I saw how the choices I was making where sabotaging my health, happiness and my future

These are my top ten reasons as to how the book helped re-frame my thinking about alcohol.

  1. Alcohol is a poison so why would I put that in my body. It is not a treat and never will be. Sorry to be blunt but it is…!
  1. If I need alcohol to have a ‘good’ time then I need to re-think where I am going and whom I am going with as it can’t be that good if I needed to not be 100% cognitively aware!
  1. If I need alcohol to relax, then I’m working too hard in the first place.
  1. If I need alcohol to give me confidence, like to approach a guy in a bar, then I need to work on my confidence.
  1. If I need alcohol to cheer myself up, then I need to let my sad feelings out, not try and numb them.
  1. If I need alcohol to celebrate something then I need to re-think why I would celebrate something by putting poison in me.
  1. If I need or want alcohol, this shows it has control over me, I wouldn’t let anyone control me so why let a liquid have that power over me?
  1. Why would I spend all week working out on a rebounder then put all those calories back on in 2 hours by drinking and needing to eat crap the next day?
  1. If I need fake courage then I’m not the Courage Queen I pertain to be. Loving myself means being careful what I put into my body.

In addition and probably the most important reason is I don’t want my 12-year-old son thinking that he needs alcohol to make life on planet earth manageable. I would prefer him to have more positive coping mechanisms.

There was one paragraph in the book, which woke me up – Jason, says, “if the thought of going without alcohol for the rest of your life makes you tense up, then you are reliant on it” Ouch – painful but powerful! This struck a cord with me.

So if you are laid with a hangover this morning or know you will have one tomorrow – why not have a read of the book – it may just help to change your perspective.

Next week it will be 12 months since I’ve had an alcoholic drink and I have to say I feel free from the grip of it, and looking forward to going out and partying without the hangover and being able to remember it with the added benefit of cash left over!

Why not read the book and make different life choices which help not hinder you?


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