The ability to do something that frightens one; bravery.

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What I do

International Director of  Training  Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway®
The Original Courage Queen 
Keynote speaker and published author

I Lead.

In 2017 Rachael was assigned the worldwide rights from Susan Jeffers LLC to licence instructors to deliver the powerful message from Susan Jeffers best selling book, Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway®.


Rachael recruits, coaches and trains Feel the Fear instructors who are a ‘force for good’ helping people globally overcome their fears and change their lives.

I Speak.

Rachael delivers powerful keynote speeches in education and industry,

She shares  simple yet effective principles on how each of us can utilise our courage to handle challenging situations either in our work or personal life. 


Rachael’s presentations are thought provoking and create positive changes in all who attend.

I Write.

The author of 3 books, I Can Handle University, I Can Handle Divorce, and How to be a Courage Queen, Rachael’s writing style certainly makes you think.


 Receiving positive reviews from many professionals, Rachaels’ books are survival tools needed in today’s complex world.


I Coach.

Rachael shares insights, tools and techniques to help you find contentment in your life.

 If you are plagued by anxiety, worry or just feeling overwhelmed why not book a 121 session today? 

Is it be time to put yourself first?

121 Consultations available from £50. 


Amazon Reviews

“ I cannot get over how helpful your book was and take your advice to heart as you have clearly been through and survived a very similar situation to myself. It is also comforting for myself to think, if you have done it, so can I! I just want to thank you for writing this book and I will be very interested any more books you create with your wisdom and knowledge”

“I have read your new book I can handle divorce, and what can I say, WOW! I actually cried while reading it along with nodding my head through the whole book. I found it so helpful and made me feel very positive about my situation and that I CAN HANDLE IT! 

“This book certainly made me think and reflect on my own marriage. It gave me permission to feel the way I was feeling and when I have a ‘wobble’ I pick up the book and instantly feel calmer. I keep it in my handbag as the size is perfect to carry around. I have also bought two copies for my friends to encourage them they too can handle divorce! “

My story

Rachael Alexander is an educator on the psychology of courage.  For the last 20 years she has empowered others to overcome their resistance to change by helping them to harness the power of their courage.

Our resistance to an unknown future can keep us stuck. It can sabotage our success, create unhappiness and is often described as anxiety or depression. 

Once we understand that our resistance to moving forward in our life is simply our past biological fears creating our present emotional reality, then we realise how powerful we really are. We are free from the illusion of being powerless.

Resistance is THE master of disguise, masquerading itself as excuses, procrastination, denial, self-sabotage, insecurity and even anger. Once we simply see resistance for the illusion that it is then we can move forward to live a more peaceful existence.

Courage is like a gentle hand on our shoulder guiding us to a more positive future – when we embrace our courage we know we have the power to take responsibility and accountability for our future. Once we realise we deserve to be happy, then our life transforms.

Rachael Alexander

Let me help you find your courage and achieve your goals